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1 bed in the apartment

/ night / out of season, (as agreed) / what is included /

420 Kč

1 extra bed

/ night / out of season, (as agreed) / what is included /

320 Kč

1 week (3 - 7 persons)

/ what is included /

12 500 Kč

1 baby cot


200 Kč

Spring and autumn season (4th - 6th or 9th - 10th month)

/ weekends /


Summer holidays (7th - 8th month)

/ rotation of tours every Saturday /


Children under 4 years free / except for summer holidays

Check in 15 hrs / arrival

Check out 10 hrs / departure

When booking, we require a deposit of 20%. In case of cancellation of confirmed accommodation and services less than 30 days in advance we charge cancellation fees. The exact amount of the deposit and cancellation fee will be specified at the time of booking.

We are not VAT payers.

You can send a form here and book your accommodation.